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mission is to empower children of incarcerated parents to break the cycle of generational incarceration. While providing limitless resources that will result in them living happy and fulfilling lives. Pure Heart aims to meet the overall concerns of children of incarcerated parents and families.


Have a Parent in Prison

Currently 2.7 Million children in the U.S has a parent incarcerated. 228,000 children in Michigan alone has had at least one parent incarcerated. Michigan being ranked in the top ten states with children of incarcerated parents. Studies suggest that children of an incarcerated parent(s) are seven times more likely to be entangled in the criminal system based on their parent’s incarceration. Children of incarcerated parents more likely to suffer from emotional, social, educational and financial distress.



Pure Heart Foundation was designed to break the cycle of generational incarceration by providing wrap around services that will strategically benefit the child of an incarcerated parent and family. Through Pure Heart, each child of an incarcerated parent has a chance to be heard, supported and encouraged to navigate through life despite their circumstance. Pure Heart Foundation has developed a program that will ensure children of incarcerated parents will perform at their best capacity and become fitting citizen
in our society.

Change Children's Lives.

Pure Heart Cares

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